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UPDATES as of November 2, 2018:

  • The UMHA is pleased to announce that the OMHA has granted our appeal.  The OMHA is granting the appeal of UMHA to participate in the NYHL – Select League for the 2018-19 season only.

UPDATES as of October 22, 2018:

  • The UMHA presented our case to the OMHA Appeals Committee on Sunday, October 21.  We anticipate a decision from the OMHA within the next week or two. 
  • The GTHL has confirmed in writing that our participation in the NYHL this year remains an option.

UPDATES as of October 15, 2018:

  • OMHA acknowledged receipt of our appeal.  The OMHA Appeal Committee meets on Sunday, October 21.

UPDATES as of October 10, 2018:

  • Formal (expedited) appeal to OMHA set to deliver today.
  • We have it on authority that the NYHL remain able to accommodate the UMHA for the 2018-19 season until further notice.

UPDATES as of October 5, 2018:

  • The OHF have advised the UMHA to seek an appeal to the OMHA and has urged the OMHA to expedite this appeal. Our Appeal to the OMHA is underway.
  • The UMHA have retained legal counsel to represent the UMHA in this matter and seek all means to immediate remedy.

UPDATES as of October 1, 2018:

  • The OHF Executive Director has advised the UMHA that he has compiled our information and will be taking this matter to the OHF Board for review.  We are to be advised further this week.
  • We had discussions with the (Markham) mayor's office who have provided their support in requesting that  the OHF intervene on our behalf.
  • The UMHA is in active discussions with legal counsel.

‚ó¶THANK YOU to everyone who has RAISED THEIR VOICE to make the OMHA and OHF aware of your feelings on this matter.  We believe that this public campaign to seek ongoing permission for the UMHA to participate in the NYHL has forced the OHF to take notice.  Please continue to make your thoughts known.

May 7th, 2018 - UMHA to Participate in NYHL this season.

The UMHA would like to announce that we will be participating in the NYHL next season; Novice through to Midget senior.  Please find attached supporting documentation from the GTHL (via email) and an official letter from the OMHA dated Jan 30, 2017. 

If you wish to attend tryouts in order to play for the UMHA Jets this coming season, please refer to our tryout page.   All questions can be directed to 
[email protected].

Thank you for your continued patience during this challenging time.


GTHL Supporting Documentation (via email to UMHA)

Date: May 3, 2018 at 1:42 PM
Subject: RE: UMHA Affiliation with GTHL and Participation in the NYHL


The GTHL Board of Directors considered the Unionville Minor Hockey
Association's (UMHA) request to extend its participation in the NYHL for the
2018-19 season.

The GTHL Board has granted permission to the UMHA to participate in the NYHL
for the 2018-19 season only. You should consult with the OMHA to determine
what permission may be required from them in order for these teams to
participate in the NYHL.

It is important to note that this permission is only for the 2018-19 season
and the underlying principle that the GTHL Board used in making prior
decisions remains in place. That being "organizations that are not members
of the GTHL will not be permitted to participate in any GTHL league upon
conclusion of the 2018-19 season." 

Scott Oakman
Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer, 
Greater Toronto Hockey League

OMHA Supporting Documentation:

Please click here : REQUEST-UNIONVILLE.NYSL.1.31.2017.pdf

May 4th, 2018 - UPDATE

The process to be permitted to continue to play in the NYHL next season and beyond is complex involving multiple governing bodies. 

As of late yesterday, we have been made aware via email that the GTHL has granted us an extension to play in the NYHL for the 2018-19 season.   The GTHL has requested the UMHA consult with the OMHA to determine what permission may be required for our teams to participate.  The OMHA will be meeting to discuss this request this weekend.  We will update the website as soon as we hear the outcome of that meeting

The UMHA understands your anxiety regarding the resolution of this matter.  We are working diligently to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.   Please direct all questions and inquiries to [email protected]

April 25th, 2018

The UMHA has received new information from the OHF regarding re-affiliation.  The OHF states that the issue regarding our re-affiliation is a jurisdictional change and requires an amendment to the OHF By-laws.  A meeting to discuss this would take place mid-Feb, 2019 at the OHF's Semi-Annual meeting.  

The UMHA is asking that any parent interested in sending a message to the OHF regarding the re-affiliation process to please complete this online form.  This online form will be used as a means to petition the OHF, letting them know that this decision is affecting programming for players and the viability of the Unionville Minor Hockey Association.  UMHA Jets Program - Messages to OHF

The UMHA continues to look at all options available to us in order to play in the NYHL next season.  At this time, we will continue to be a member partner of the OMHA and create programming that abides by the rules and regulations of the governing body.  


The Unionville Jets Select program has been an integral part of the UMHA for many years.  The mission of this program is to provide added development opportunities for house league hockey players interested in upgrading their skills, and to give these players the opportunity and the enjoyment of representing their hometown in a more competitive environment.

For the past decade, the UMHA has participated in the North York Hockey League (NYHL) through permission granted from the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA).  In September of 2017, the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) sent a letter to the UMHA stating that in order to participate in the NYHL , all Centres must now affiliated with the GTHL.  As a result, the UMHA is no longer eligible to participate in the NYHL as a member of the OMHA.

The UMHA’s participation in the NYHL is an integral part of our programming and something we have enjoyed offering to our membership for the past decade.  As a result, the UMHA Board voted unanimously at our February Board meeting to seek re-affiliation from the OMHA to the GHTL in order to continue to have our Select program participate in the NYHL.

This page is designed to provide our membership with information on the re-affiliation process and to answer any questions you may have.  

What has happened so far:

  1. February 27th - Re-affiliation letter was sent to the all governing bodies (GTHL, OHF and OMHA) stating that 1) the UMHA is looking to re-affiliate to the GTHL in order to continue to participate in the NYHL and 2) is looking for information on the re-affiliation process

  2. Mid-Feb to April 4th - Emails and phone calls have been exchanged between the three governing bodies and the UMHA.  

  3. March 29th  - The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) sent an email stating that, “..they (OHF) will be reviewing some information...and will provide direction and rationale next week as to the process.”

  4. April 4th - The UMHA received a note from the GTHL stating that, “They (GTHL) are waiting for direction from the OHF as to what process, if any, is required for the UMHA to move its membership from the OMHA to the GTHL. Until we have that information, we (GTHL) is not able to finalize any decision in regards to your (UMHA) request.”

Therefore, until further information is available, the UMHA remains an OMHA member partner.  Once we receive information from the OHF and/or the GTHL we will update it to this page.

The UMHA is committed to both our House League program and to our Select program.  Under no circumstances will this request to move to the GTHL affect our players in house league.  The UMHA has always put our players first and we will continue to create the best house league program possible.   

In order to ensure our players have the opportunity for added skill development and competition throughout the season, the UMHA will be holding tryouts for our Select program starting in May.  All players who tryout for and make teams in Novice and above will be participating in the OMHA Select Program until further notice.  Please refer to our Tryout Page for more information.

If you have any questions regarding this situation please contact [email protected].


The UMHA Board of Directors

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